The No Time Full Body Blaster



Ø Hip circles

Ø Toe Touches

Ø See Saw overhead stretch

Ø See saw from shoulders on ball

Ø Russian twist (clasp hands and twist left and right)

Ø Bridges (with shoulders on ball drop the hips to the floor and raise them to the ceiling)

Ø Halo’s (hold the ball over head and make circles above your head and move the hips in a circle)


Forward Kick and back and kick your hand x 20-30

Lateral/Side to side kick x 20-30

Up and Out kick and touch your hand x 20-30

Ø Wall squats x15

Ø Bosu Squats on the squishy side x10

Ø Bosu Squats on the flat side x10

Ø 1 arm swings 16 each arm

Ø Judo pushups x10

Ø 1 arm swings 15 each arm

Ø Judo/Hindu pushups x5

Twist Squats x10

Ø T pushups x10

Ø Hamstring curls on the stability ball x15

Ø Windshield wiper x20

Ø 1 arm swings x10

Ø Judo pushups x3

Ø Toe touches x 10